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Advice Porcupine

Advice Porcupine – By Doe Zantamata

Imagine you were out walking in the woods one day, and you saw a little porcupine stuck in a tree. You wanted to help him, as you could easily free him, but when you got close, he shot up his quills and threatened you. You wouldn’t help him. He would be the one to suffer, still up in that tree.

Don’t be an advice porcupine.

Sometimes when we’re facing problems in life, things that we just can’t seem to figure out, people try to help by giving advice. Whether it’s about our health, relationships, work, or even family, we all sometimes get stuck and can’t see answers to problems that others can see, not because they’re smart and we’re stupid, but because we’re right in the middle of them and they are not.

When we’re confused, angry or upset, we sometimes become porcupines to these people, directing our frustration toward them, accusing them of trying to tell us what to do, or feeling like we’re being criticized or judged, when all they’re trying to do is help.

Maybe they’re wrong in their advice, maybe they’re right, but anyone who tries to help should not be the target of anger. What that won’t do, is help us. What it will do, is make sure that they don’t bother trying to help us again.

Listen to all advice, and be open. If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, it may be time to try something else. Be grateful when someone who truly cares about you tries to help, and know that they, with their good or bad advice, only want you to be happy.


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