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Forgiveness just means releasing resentment

When you have been harmed, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or all three, it hurts. It can make you very angry and sad. Betrayal is the worst kind of harm, because it can only come from people who you really trusted.  Anger is a powerful emotion that pushes danger away. It's quite protective to do just that. It may not come out in rage, but instead in frustration or in being fed up.  So if you have been harmed and got to that stage, you likely had then stopped talking to, broken up with, or gone silent towards the person who caused you harm. If it was a job, maybe you quit.  Anger has to be released. If it stays inside of you, it controls you. The very mention of a person who harmed you can send you immediately back to the past and destroy your present peace and happiness. It does nothing to them. They aren't even there. It just gives them the power to continue to ruin your peace without having to lift a finger. Releasing anger when it was something deep or

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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