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Finding True Happiness

"Happiness," believe it or not, sometimes gets a bad rap. It's said to be fruitless because it passes and isn't permanent.  But by that token, can't all feelings be described that way?  What if, happiness was valued for what it is? Moments. Moments of peace. Appreciation. Wonder. Awe. Laughter. Connection. Trust. The release that forgiveness provides even if the other person passed away many years ago, or if the person is standing in the mirror. And of course, love. Pausing in those moments and savoring them. Whether it's a hug, a smile, a squirrel sitting on a bench, a sunrise or sunset, laughing with a friend.  Being there.  Fully there.  Maybe "happiness" isn't so fleeting and elusive as it's been perceived to be.  Maybe it isn't about trying to find it in places we are not, but in seeing it in places we are.  Recognizing where it can exist.  Then it really becomes a part of life.   - Doe Zantamata Read the Happiness in Your Life Book

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