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Different versions of you exist with different people.

There is a unique connection between two people that brings out a certain version of each other. You may be more or less trusting, confident, calm, or inspired. They may be the same or opposite around you.  Some angrier people feed off the energy of happier people, but sometimes, an otherwise good person can become worse by being around someone who they actually really look up to and care about.  This happens when their own insecurities are triggered. They feel less than, or even envious, and without awareness can begin to tear down the other person with small jabs or by dismissing or diminishing the good they see. A lot of perceived "evil" behavior is actually unchecked insecurity. You have to feel like you're worthy to be around the people you are around.  Especially if you're in a romantic partnership.  Otherwise, even if they are nice to you and think you're great, you won't be able to be comfortable around them and will act in ways that put th

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