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Loving Yourself is Empowering

Loving yourself means you get your validation and worth from the inside. This is empowering and changes your entire world for the better.  When we are children, we feel love deeply and share the love inside of us with joy and exuberance to everyone we know, especially our parents. That love is truly unconditional.  But we also absorb what we receive back as the truth about our worth.  We believe adults know everything, so if there is something wrong, it must be our fault. If a parent tells us something, we believe it wholeheartedly. Even something as ridiculous as the Easter Bunny or that we are no good.  Wait, what? If your parents told you all of the time how worthy and lovable you are, they did help to foster confidence in your belief that this was and is true. If this was your upbringing, your challenge in relationships will be when someone doesn't treat you that way because it will be so foreign to you.  If your parents were not loving and supportive, or if they we

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