Finding compassion

Have compassion for those who steal. In their minds, there is not enough, and they do not posses the ability to acquire enough for themselves without stealing. 

Have compassion for those who lie. They do not believe the truth is good enough, nor in their ability to make it so. 

Have compassion for those who cheat others. They do not believe it's possible to succeed without harming another soul. 

To these types of people, the world is a cold, cruel place, and their survival depends on how much they can steal, lie, or cheat. Their successes will be empty and temporary. Their sleep will be restless, and their legacy will be tainted for as long as they are remembered. 

Have compassion, but don't allow yourself to be stolen from, lied to, or cheated by them. 

Once they prove to you their beliefs through their actions, separate from them to avoid being harmed further. Your world can be honest, giving, and kind, and unfortunately for them, they don't believe such a world exists. 

Have compassion for those who will miss out on all that they could have had if they had just chosen to believe, too.

-Doe Zantamata

Author of "Happiness in Your Life, Book One: Karma"

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