Just Another Day

Just Another Day
By Doe Zantamata

Today will start with a fresh, clean slate.
It has never come before, and it will never occur again.

What will become of this day?

Babies will be born to both welcoming and unwelcoming arms.
Lives will end, both suddenly and after long and difficult struggles.
Unexplainable accidents and miracles will occur.

Some will mark this day as the day they quit, and others,
As the day they will begin.

What will we make of this day, these 24 hours before us?
Will we finally make a decision
That’s been put off way too long?

Will we realize that a decision that was made before with certainty
Was not the right one at all?

What will we start, what will we end,
and what will we continue to do?

Will this be a day
That sends us off in a brand new direction,
Or one that we had followed in the past,
But got lost along the way somehow?

Will it be the day that we choose to finally let go
Of some long ago past pain?

Will it be a day that we will always remember,
Or will it be...
Just Another Day?

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