The Treasure - A Story of Self-Worth

If someone were to receive a gift of a priceless gold statue, but they did not understand the value of it, would that make it any less valuable? What if they used it as a doorstop, or tossed it in the corner, or even called it a piece of worthless junk...would any of those things make it any less valuable? Or would those actions just mean that the person had no idea how lucky they were, and wouldn’t you just wish someone else would get that treasure who realized its value and would treat it with the respect and admiration that it really deserved?

You are the treasure.

If someone doesn’t appreciate you or treat you well, it has nothing to do with your value, or your worth. It just means that for some reason, they don’t see it, or realize how lucky they are. But unlike a statue, you can get up and walk away anytime you choose to do so.
-Doe Zantamata
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