Quotes About Living Book

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Quotes About Living

by Doe Zantamata

Have you noticed any heavy or dull feelings that just don't seem to leave?

Do you feel sometimes that parts of you, parts that were filled with hope, more confidence, or positive anticipation have somehow been lost along the way?

Are you holding on to anger or resentment and want to be free of those, but you're just not sure how? 

Quotes About Living is a collection of quotes from the upcoming Happiness in Your Life book series. Kind of like a "best of" album before all of the actual books are released.

Within the books are valuable tools and insights to better allow you to live more empowered, authentically, and with happiness in your life.

Each life brings with it suffering and struggle, joy and love. Within them all, there is a great deal to be learned. No one knows more than you what is best for your life and for your soul.

The quotes in this book will help you to think or rethink on times in your life --including now-- and have the realizations to make the changes which will allow you to become your best self again or for the very first time.

The chapters are:
1. Karma
2. Intuition
3. Forgiveness
4. Trust
5. Appreciation
6. Love
7. Thoughts and Words
8. Power
9. Time
10. Faith
11. Self-Worth
12. Happiness

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