Toddler Starts Her Day With Sweet Words Of Affirmation

We should overwhelm those voices with the commendation of confirmation – expressions of excellence, truth, and love that each person needs to hear, yet additionally needs to hear frequently. 

Thankfully, words of affirmation were invented just so that you could express your love beautifully in simple words. So, this mom together with her daughter goes through these words of beauty, love, and compassion that everybody wants to hear more often.

This sweet little baby unquestionably knows how to begin her day off on the right foot.

Her mother asks her to repeat a few words of affirmation. “I am strong” says the toddler. “I’m brave”! I am healthy! Her mother also asks her: “Can you say I am beautiful?” She says ‘I am beautiful’ with the biggest smile on her face! “Can you say I am patient?” her mom asks again. “I am patient and I am loved”! says the girl. In the end, her mom says ‘I love you’ and the girl gives a heartwarming ‘I love you’ back to her mom. 

This is one adorable video and a ritual we should all do in the morning before work, school, big exam or whatever can make us feel stronger, happier, more confident and of course the happiest. Smoothies and self-esteem, how we should all start our mornings.

Have you told someone today, how beautiful they are, how strong they are, how much you learn from them and want to spend time with them? 

Every person needs to be cherished and be valued! And we should them tell them good words every day!

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