Wouldn't it be awesome?

OK, so wouldn’t it be awesome if there was this movie, where the main character grew up, had kind of a rough childhood, good and bad overall, they weren’t perfect, but they weren’t that bad, considering.
So they grow up, do everything they think they’re supposed to do, really try to make everyone happy and do the right thing.
Then one day, they wake up and realize they’re not happy.
So they decide to make some changes, and they think, “Everything’s going to get better.”

But it doesn’t. It gets worse.

Then they make it through that, and they think, “Whew, that’s over,” but it’s not. More and more bad stuff happens, and just when they’re about to give up, they decide, “Nope, no matter what happens, I’m just going to keep going.”

Then all of a sudden, there’s a glimmer of hope.

Then, good things start to happen...then more good things, and it’s only because of all that other stuff that they can REALLY appreciate all these great things and it’s amazing.
Well, it’s not a movie, it’s YOUR LIFE, so don’t quit now, because everything’s about to get really, really awesome.

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